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Client Reviews

"Working with Kathy was both a delight and a learning experience. I have been living with a Munch print for all of my life and not really understanding what I really had. Amazing what an education can accomplish. Obviously I can recommend Kathy for all art related research and advice without hesitation." Peter L, May 2019

"Kathy was fantastic -- thorough, knowledgable, patient, and professional throughout. In the process of having my artwork appraised, I learned more about the artists who'd created my beloved paintings, and that was an unexpected bonus. I'm so grateful to her for having helped me to finally get this work properly insured. Highly recommended." Diane D., May 2019

"Kathy Poppers is a consummate professional. Knowledgeable in all things art, she should be your first and trusted source for fine art appraisals and services and I recommend her highly. Kathy went above and beyond what I expected from an appraisal service and in short order, got me all the information I was looking for in regard to my piece. I am more than satisfied with her work and dedication to the profession and in addition, she has a wonderful air and manner about herself which was both charming and professional."F.B., May 2019

"Kathy did a great job with my art appraisal - she was very thorough and knowledgeable. It's also clear how much she cares about all types of art; she's very passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her!" Erika H., May 2019

"Kathy is great, she really knows the TRUE value of art objects. And having her go through my collection was TRULY an honor! She is #1 angel! 100%" S.B., April 2019

"Kathy did an incredibly thorough and efficient job with my collection. She was knowledgable about a vast variety of objects, was very affordable and gave me valuable advice about how to protect my art objects as well. I also greatly appreciated her kind and patient demeanor when I had a million questions :). Highly recommend Kathy!" Kyle R., March 2019

"We see quite a few appraisals. This by far is the finest one I have ever seen. The appraiser Kathy Poppers provided details that we do not often, if ever see. It may be a bit unfair to say this, but I believe this will be the one by which all others are compared. Thank you again for securing these documents for us. Hope all is well with you and your team!" Steve S., Underwriting Team Manager

"I have known and conducted business with Mrs. Kathy Poppers for over 16 years. My purchases of art through her were in excess of $2.5 million. I have always found her to be totally trustworthy and dependable, and she has always negotiated the best possible prices for me. I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending her to you, as I have done thorough the years with my friends and business associates." Leonard Green & Partners, LP.

"We have found Kathy to be the consummate professional with excellent communications skills. She easily has interfacedShe is a very dedicated, loyal individual, and exemplifies ver high standards both personally and professionally. I recommend Kathy wihout reservation and would be happy to provide additional information as my be requested." Marty Wilson, Project Administrator, Pacific Investment Company