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Senior Accredited ASA Member

The American Society of Appraisers provides valuation services worldwide. There are Senior Accredited ASA Personal Property Appraisers who specialize in an ever-expanding range of specialties from antiques to sports memorabilia.

As a Senior Accredited ASA member, I have fulfilled the requirements of being tested in the Code of Ethics, Practices and Principles, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and written connoisseurship exams, as well as submitted multiple appraisal reports for peer review. I have 40 years professional experience plus at least 100 continuing education credits every five years for re-accreditation.

As an active ASA candidate member since 1988, then Senior Accredited Member since 1997, I've served the American Society of Appraisers as:

Personal Property Chair

Chapter Secretary

Chapter Vice President

Chapter President

International Promotions Committee

As your personal ASA Senior Accredited Art Appraiser, I will build a team of specialists as required to fulfill your fine art appraisal needs. My ASA references may be seen here.

Estate Appraisals & Donations

Estate appraisals need to be kept up to date so the cost basis is correct when the property passes to another person. Donations or charitable contributions require appraisals for property valued over $5,000. More in depth appraisals are required for property valued over $20,000. Every donation valued over $150,000 is reviewed by the Art Appraisal Service of the Internal Revenue Service.