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Moulin Rouge print

While oil paintings remain the classic works of fine art historically, this realm now includes high quality and collectable works on paper. Unauthorized works on paper have little value, while genuine items are often extremely rare. Fine prints can include the gamut of block prints, lithography, serigraphy, engravings, etchings, aquatint and digital printing.

Among many others, I've appraised the works on paper of:


Prints and drawings--works on paper--are most fragile, deserving extreme care in handling. Never attempt to remove any work on paper from a frame on your own. A master framer or conservation person with proper insurance is best suited to remove your precious artwork from the frame. This removal process is called un-fitting. It generally costs around $35.00.

Unfitting includes extensively cleaning out the inside of your frame. Frames are not airtight; dust and small bugs easily can infiltrate over time. This is also a time when upgrading to the newest formulated mats can be done. Unfitting is recommended every three years to guard against insect damage.

When your work on paper is removed from the frame I can inspect the watermark of the paper to verify authenticity and see the condition accurately. Glass on the front of a work on paper can hide conditions, problems, or other anomalies.

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